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Transformative Training with the power of Virtual Reality Empower Your Team with Our VR & AR Training Solutions!

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (1)

We leverage Virtual Reality (VR) to create immersive training experiences that not only educate but also engage, fostering profound improvements in mental wellness and overall well-being.

Reduce Costs, and up-skill your team with Virtual Reality training solutions.

VR's immersive nature drives up to a fourfold increase in engagement compared to traditional training methods.
Trainees report greater confidence in applying skills learned via VR due to the realistic practice scenarios.
Students are more emotionally connected to learning content compared to traditional teaching methods.
Virtual Reality's immersive classroom enables students to focus four times more than their e-learning peers.

Source: PWC VR Soft Skills Training Efficacy Study, 5th June 2021

Welcome to the Future of Employee Training:

Virtual Reality (VR) is quickly becoming an indispensable tool. VRTU (Virtual Reality Training Unit) is at the forefront of adopting VR to provide enriched training experiences that are vital for today’s diverse workforce.


VR and Soft Skills Training: A Study in Effectiveness

Our commitment to VR training is backed by solid evidence. Research indicates that VR expedites the learning process and significantly boosts learners’ confidence. In immersive VR settings, trainees are more focused and emotionally invested in the content, leading to a profound understanding and retention of the material.


Cost-Effectiveness and Focus with VR Training

With enterprise VR solutions becoming more accessible, the technology is now a viable option for organizations looking to scale their training programs economically. The immersive nature of VR ensures that learners are less distracted, making the most of the time spent in training for improved results.


Creating Emotional Connections Through Virtual Reality Training

One of the most profound benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) in training is its capacity to forge emotional connections. At VRTU, we leverage VR to evoke a visceral sense of presence, transporting trainees beyond the confines of their physical surroundings into rich, interactive learning landscapes.

Emotional Engagement: The Heart of VR Learning

The immersive nature of VR creates a compelling learning environment where emotions can be fully engaged. This emotional investment is a key differentiator that elevates VR above other training mediums. Through scenarios that mimic real-life challenges, trainees experience genuine reactions and develop a deeper connection to the training material.


VR students are more focused

In the current digital landscape, the challenge of maintaining learner focus is substantial. Distractions are omnipresent, with the allure of smartphones and the difficulty of engaging with lengthy video content contributing to a scattered attention span.

Enter VR training. This modality captivates users by monopolizing their visual field, creating an environment where focus is not optional—it’s inevitable. Distractions are eliminated within the encompassing realm of the VR headset. Our research indicates that participants engaged in VR learning exhibit a level of concentration that is four times higher than that of their peers in e-learning environments and surpasses that of traditional classroom learners by 150%. Engulfed in the VR world, learners gain more from their sessions, resulting in enhanced training outcomes.

VRTU Virtual Reality Training Unit


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