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Experience the Power of Virtual Reality with VRTU! At VRTU (Virtual Reality Therapy Unit), we're on a mission to transform lives through immersive virtual reality experiences.

Dedicated to mental well-being, we offer VR therapy for diverse segments – from mental health patients to aged care facilities, corporate environments, and the physical disability sector.

Why Volunteer with VRTU?

Join us in making a real impact! As a volunteer, you’ll help bring therapeutic VR experiences to those who need it most. Be part of a community embracing cutting-edge technology to promote relaxation and unique encounters.

How to Volunteer:

Ready to be a part of something meaningful? 

  • Transform lives through cutting-edge technology.
  • Make a meaningful impact on mental health, aged care, and more.
  • Be part of a dynamic community dedicated to positive change.

Express your interest in volunteering with VRTU today! Contact us to explore the world of virtual reality therapy and contribute to positive change.


Join Us in Making a Difference! Volunteer with VRTU!

Ready to make a positive impact? VRTU (Virtual Reality Therapy Unit) is seeking passionate volunteers to be a part of our innovative mission. Help us bring therapeutic virtual reality experiences to various segments and contribute to improving mental well-being.

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